Film is Not Dead

I started photography when I was in highschool. Though I did not plan on taking photography at all. It's just that one day my mom gave me an unsold camera then I got curious. Little by little, as an art-inclined person (I paint and draw before photography), I got fascinated with how the camera takes cool photos. Right now, I'm practicing film photography. Sample photos can be seen below. Please leave any comments if you like it or even if you do not. Constructive critisism is healthy! ≧ ( '▽ `) ≦


.. These are some of my first shots using film. I used Kodak ColorPlus 200 that I soaked in Green Tea and I really find the effect very interesting! (- ^ □ ^ -)








If you've tried soaking film as well, please share it with me!  (≡ ^ ∇ ^ ≡)


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