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Today, I will be writing about Axowa UK - an expert when it comes to lead generation and data management. Its management team have been involved in sales & marketing since 1990 and have proven themselves in face to face, telemarketing and online as business owners & campaign owners.


Do you want to get leads that will convert to sales? Axowa UK makes identifying possible customers easier for you. Its marketing solutions will give you good reliable data that will produce great results.


Getting the right marketing leads and data will surely help your company rise to the top!


Check these websites out:

*UK Insurance Leads

*UK Warranty Leads

*UK Funeral Plan Leads

*UK Sales Leads

*UK Life Insurance Leads


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Online English Lessons

Hey there! Are you looking for English lessons? 

I just found this awesome website that helped me find a great English tutor that gives online English lessons. If you're also struggling on your English lessons, why not take English lessons as well? It'll definitely help you greatly! <3



English Lessons

Classes A to Z

Classes A-Z


​Enjoy Learning! ^______^


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Drum Lessons in Fleet

Drum Lessons in Farnham

Drum Lessons in Farnborough

Drum Lessons in Aldershot


Science Lessons

Science Lessons in Southampton

Science Lessons in Totton and Eling

Science Lessons in Hythe


Physics Lessons

Physics Lessons in Southampton

Physics Lessons in Totton and Eling

Physics Lessons in Hythe


Biology Lessons

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Biology Lessons in Totton and Eling

Biology Lessons in Hythe


Chemistry Lessons

Chemistry Lessons in Southampton

Chemistry Lessons in Totton and Eling

Chemistry Lessons in Hythe


Blues Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Electric Guitar Lessons

Acoustic Guitar Lessons 


Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Canvey Island

Blues Guitar Lessons in Canvey Island

Electric Guitar Lessons in Canvey Island

Guitar Lessons in Canvey Island


Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Southend on Sea

Electric Guitar Lessons in Southend on Sea

Blues Guitar Lessons in Southend on Sea

Guitar Lessons in Southend on Sea


Blues Guitar Lessons in Rochford

Electric Guitar Lessons in Rochford

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Rochford

Guitar Lessons in Rochford


Blues Guitar Lessons in Basildon

Electric Guitar Lessons in Basildon

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Basildon

Guitar Lessons in Basildon


Spanish Lessons

Spanish Lessons in Bristol


Italian Lessons

Italian Lessons in Peckham

Italian Lessons in Forest Hill

Italian Lessons in West Norwood

Italian Lessons in Dulwich

Italian Lessons in East Dulwich

Italian Lessons in Lee

Italian Lessons in Camberwell


French Lessons

French Lessons in East Dulwich

French Lessons in Dulwich

French Lessons in West Norwood

French Lessons in Peckham

French Lessons in Lee

French Lessons in Forest Hill

French Lessons in Camberwell


Greek Lessons

Greek Lessons in Tadworth

Greek Lessons in Sutton

Greek Lessons in Banstead

Greek Lessons in Warlingham

Greek Lessons in Purley

Greek Lessons in Whyteleafe

Greek Lessons in Coulsdon

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Greek Lessons in Caterham


Maths Lessons

Maths Lessons in Bristol

Maths Lessons in Longwell Green

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Guitar Lessons in Kingston upon Thames

Guitar Lessons in Surbiton

Guitar Lessons in New Malden

Guitar Lessons in Thorton Heath

Guitar Lessons in Mitcham

Guitar Lessons in Forest Hill

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Guitar Lessons in Sutton

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Guitar Lessons in Wimbledon

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Guitar Lessons in Croydon


Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Kingston upon Thames

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Surbiton

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in New Malden

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Thorton Heath

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Mitcham

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Forest Hill

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Morden

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Sutton

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Balham

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Fulham

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Wimbledon

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Brixton

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Tooting

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Croydon


Electric Guitar Lessons in Kingston upon Thames

Electric Guitar Lessons in Surbiton

Electric Guitar Lessons in New Malden

Electric Guitar Lessons in Thorton Heath

Electric Guitar Lessons in Mitcham

Electric Guitar Lessons in Forest Hill

Electric Guitar Lessons in Morden

Electric Guitar Lessons in Sutton

Electric Guitar Lessons in Balham

Electric Guitar Lessons in Fulham

Electric Guitar Lessons in Wimbledon

Electric Guitar Lessons in Brixton

Electric Guitar Lessons in Tooting

Electric Guitar Lessons in Croydon


Ukulele Lessons in Kingston upon Thames

Ukulele Lessons in Surbiton

Ukulele Lessons in New Malden

Ukulele Lessons in Thorton Heath

Ukulele Lessons in Mitcham

Ukulele Lessons in Forest Hill

Ukulele Lessons in Morden

Ukulele Lessons in Sutton

Ukulele Lessons in Balham

Ukulele Lessons in Fulham

Ukulele Lessons in Wimbledon

Ukulele Lessons in Brixton

Ukulele Lessons in Tooting

Ukulele Lessons in Croydon


Bass Guitar Lessons in Kingston upon Thames

Bass Guitar Lessons in Surbiton

Bass Guitar Lessons in New Malden

Bass Guitar Lessons in Thorton Heath

Bass Guitar Lessons in Mitcham

Bass Guitar Lessons in Forest Hill

Bass Guitar Lessons in Morden

Bass Guitar Lessons in Sutton

Bass Guitar Lessons in Balham

Bass Guitar Lessons in Fulham

Bass Guitar Lessons in Wimbledon

Bass Guitar Lessons in Brixton

Bass Guitar Lessons in Tooting

Bass Guitar Lessons in Croydon


Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Sandhurst

Guitar Lessons in Sandhurst


German Lessons in Wokingham

German Lessons in Crowthorne

German Lessons in Camberley

German Lessons in Bagshot

German Lessons in Sandhurst

German Lessons in Bracknell



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All kinds of Guitar Lessons!

Spanish Lessons in UK

Take Italian Lessons!

French Lessons in UK

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Take Maths Lessons UK

Guitar Lessons in UK

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in UK

Electric Guitar Lessons in UK

Ukulele Lessons in UK

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Film is Not Dead

I started photography when I was in highschool. Though I did not plan on taking photography at all. It's just that one day my mom gave me an unsold camera then I got curious. Little by little, as an art-inclined person (I paint and draw before photography), I got fascinated with how the camera takes cool photos. Right now, I'm practicing film photography. Sample photos can be seen below. Please leave any comments if you like it or even if you do not. Constructive critisism is healthy! ≧ ( '▽ `) ≦


.. These are some of my first shots using film. I used Kodak ColorPlus 200 that I soaked in Green Tea and I really find the effect very interesting! (- ^ □ ^ -)








If you've tried soaking film as well, please share it with me!  (≡ ^ ∇ ^ ≡)


*** PLUGS *** 

If you're looking for Online Lessons, whether Academic, Music, or Even Language, you may check this website out:  Classes A to Z | Classes A-Z 











君の名は (Kimi no na wa)


Makoto Shinkai sensei created a masterpiece once again <3

In just a few days after its launch, the movie already reached billions, and here's why:

  •  The plot of the story was meticulously created and very unpredictable, which made the story more exciting to watch.
  • The animation was superb! 
  • The OST really hits you right in the kokoro <3 (Kudos RADWIMPS)


I want to put some spoilers about the ending but I don't want to piss off those who haven't watched the movie yet. Teehee~

I myself have watched the movie for th 5th time already. It's really that gooooood~ ;)

So if you haven't watched Kimi no wa yet, now's a great time to grab some chips, tissue (in case you get carried away), and just sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie! 

Let me know your thoughts! ^^

Axowa UK Leads & Data

Good morning!

It's a great day to start a new blog ~ I Love Love

Today, I'm writing about Axowa UK ( great site) WinkGurasan


Axowa Uk's awesome services can help your business rise to the top!


If you're looking for guaranteed leads generation, check these pages out!


* Funeral Plan Leads

* Life Insurance Leads

* Pension Leads

* PMI Leads

* Prepaid Funeral Plan Leads


Visit Axowa UK & Boost Your Sales Today! Scissorsgood!